27th February 2018: Opal Group European Family Office Winter Symposium 2018

One Great George Street, London, UK
February 26, 2018 – February 27, 2018

27th February – 8:45AM-9:15AM

Simon Bloom Keynote: How to Solve the Third Generation Wealth Trap

The Third Generation Wealth Trap is avoidable, but not unless the problem is fully understood and the issues are tackled effectively.
Each generation of the family needs to be considered separately due to the very different experiences, motivations and goals that they will have and the totally different challenges (both personal and organisational) that they will experience. Tools, skills and strategies can then be put in place to tackle underlying issues and ensure the family thrives from one generation to the next.

For further details: http://opalgroup.net/conference/european-family-office-winter-symposium/

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